The right and wrong ways to take a safari


“There is no one way to describe Tanzania Safari Experience. Each and every visitor to Tanzania gets served with life changing adventures and the experience is really fantastic.”

@Stephen Atwiine – Publisher at Acacia safaris

There is a right way and a wrong way to plan an African Safari.


There are so many decisions to make before your trip that It is very “easy” to make choices that will ruin your once-in-a-lifetime Journey and end up regretting the safari experience. 

Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for most travelers that love to tour and engage in what the world has to offer, It is important to make good decisions. 

The outcome of your trip is extremely dependent on your guide and their many years of knowledge and experience, especially during a safari. This is where Barefoot Adventures Uganda steps in and works on sharing our more than 20 years of experience to make your journey unforgettable. 

No matter how long a tour company has been in business coupled with all the marketing to entice clients, falls short of providing a memorable, wonderful time that was anticipated by you, “the traveling guest”. Barefoot Adventures Uganda partners up with the best local guides in their fields. Our guides are educated and seasoned in their respective environment to better serve you so that you have a memorable adventure during your safari. Great guides assure you get an authentic experience. Travel and tour companies should provide seasoned, knowledgeable, compassionate guides that live to make sure you get the best during your journey and have years of unforgettable memories after your visit. The pride they take in their vocation and their country has to come first above all else.

With all the years of experience and aid from seasoned guides, Barefoot Adventures will assure an authentic, stimulating, and relaxing time, without worry. 

  • Suppose:

At a tender age a safari was your dream. Eventually, the day arrives when you have decided to reward yourself with the dream of a lifetime, however you are also

deciding to save and go for a better deal. Should your initial feeling scream that you might not be getting what you are expecting, is the very feeling you should listen to, because chances are great that you would have been correct, and ended up dodging the disappointment that might have followed. 

At this time, the taking off of the flight may have been the most exciting part of the adventure that you were so anxiously looking forward to. Language barriers and inexperienced guides will hamper the whole journey and make it a struggle. Many inexperienced guides haven’t a clue where the game is found, let alone the most accommodating of accommodations. There is a real good possibility that uninitiated guides are at these new destinations for the very first time. 

  • Suggested:

Consider an environment that pays attention to the preservation of the natural resources, and focuses on no damage to the ecosystem. Choosing a personal and private conservancy allows support to the local communities and excellent animal viewing.


  • Not Suggested: 

Tourist lodges with huge marketing strategies have crowded viewing that affects the intimateness of the experience and more than often not eco-friendly.

Protecting the animals, communities and their families are a portion of what conservancies focus on contributing. This ensures local employment and safety for the animals in their natural habitat.

Conservancies almost always ensure great viewing of these precious beings that roam about these vast amounts of land. Embracing our conservancies is the pillar to maintaining the future of children, and also ensures the continued engagement with life in the wilderness.

Too much road travel, because you have jammed and stuffed too many stays in any one place in a short amount of time, will reduce many moments to immerse in the wildlife. You will be too distracted and engaged in getting from accommodation to accommodation. It is never a bad idea to enjoy more time in one or two places rather than moving about from place to place in search of excitement.

  • Suggested: 

Between lodges, camps and parks do less driving and more flying if able.

  • Not Suggested:

 Road trips, although nice, can get bogged down by heavy traffic and other unforeseeable circumstances causing delays and frustration. Unless you want to enjoy countryside scenery and landscape, fly as often as you are able.

The most desirable and breathtaking picturesque landscapes are best observed when in an airplane. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to fly than hire safari drivers, and cars when traveling alone or in small numbers. Private planes that are expensive are not necessary due to available flights to most destinations.

Eco Camps in the bush have unrivaled accommodations, ensuite bathrooms,  unparalleled service, and much more. Waking up in the bush to a hot shower, and your coffee, in the heart of the park, with sounds that remind you of why you are on a safari, and birds singing at the top of their lungs, is a much better way to wake up than in a large hotel. 

Exclusive, deluxe camps have cozy, comfortable beds, hot-water showers, and flush toilets. You will not miss any modern, high-quality amenities during your stay. 

Large hotels within a park cannot compare with creating the intimacy that only Eco Camps provide.