Nyerere National Park Tanzania (Selous Game Reserve)

Ranking as the massive Game Reserve in Africa, it is also Africa’s second largest conservation area after the Serengeti in Tanzania. Categorized at 50,000 square Kilometers, the game reserve boasts a spectacular amount of appeal and attractiveness. Selous is nearly 4 times the size of the Serengeti National Park.

Within the spell of Tanzania, It will suit you well to visit this mammoth slice of land. The park is out of the way and secluded, offering an intimate meeting with the wild, its animals and the breathtaking beauty. This marvel was proclaimed a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1982.

The Robust River Rufiji

The dominant River Rufiji fractures the reserve into the northern and southern sides. The northern sector has beautiful topography. It also lends its way to amazing scenery for photography. The south bears hunting districts and fantastic game safaris. The River Rufiji, also the longest river in Tanzania, flows through the reserve offering swamps, channels, and small lakes attracting an array of life within those conditions. A staggering amount of elephant herds, buffalos, antelopes and much more are observable even during the dry season. Boat rides, fishing and more are to be had in this magnificent park that Tanzania extends to all her visitors.


The Selous further offers over 440 types of birds. The best times to witness the birds, especially the migratory birds are during the months of November thru April. The birds can be found alongside the River Rufiji and around the small lakes. These striking birds are plenty in species and a pleasure to be amongst.

The Game In The Park

Nyerere National Park has abundant wildlife, including predators such as lions and leopards, Nile crocodiles and one of the globe’s largest hippo populations. It is not uncommon to see huge herds of buffalo and elephants moving about the forest.
Selous park also is also quarters to one of the largest, and the illusive wild dogs (also known as painted dogs) that reside in the whole of Africa.
A favorite game drive is to follow wild dogs darting in and out of bushes hunting antelope, warthogs, and much more in search of prey.


Frederick Selous And His Grave

When you holiday in Nyerere National Park, It would be worth your time to look up Fredrick Courterney Selous, British explorer, hunter and finally a conversationalist.
Fredrick Selous, a friend of Theodore Roosevelt, was inspired by English writer Sir Henry Rider Haggard.
Killed by a German sniper during the First World War in a bush war on the banks of the Rufiji River died instantly due to a head wound.
The Selous Game Reserve in Southeastern Tanzania is a hunting reserve named in his honor.
The game reserve now renamed Nyerere National Park is a protected area in Southern Tanzania, it’s a wild reserve larger than Switzerland, and the burial place of Fredrick Selous who was put to rest under a tamarind tree at Chokawali on the banks of Rufiji River where his gravestone can be visited.