Kidepo Valley National Park

With some rainfall and not completely dry, the uneven refreshing sector, established as a park in 1962 is Kidepo Valley National Park destination less discovered. This secluded park has my name written all over it. Because of its remoteness, it receives fewer tourists, making it an authentic and unspoiled cultural region in Uganda. Kidepo National Park makes for a genuine Africa. Its people are raw and remote. Exactly how I envision Africa. The park is stationed 700 kilometers from the city of Kampala. Because of the long drive getting there by air is recommended. This handsome park is of striking scenery, substantial game, and an extraordinary bird population; and is filled with mystery. Animals inside the park are in large quantity and are home to lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, cheetah, ostrich, pangolins, aardwolf, caracal cats, and an array of life that can only be encountered at Kidepo National Park. Recently re-introduced painted dogs from South Africa also a pleasant welcome.


Concealed in a valley in Northeastern Uganda in the Karamoja region surrounded by mountainsides, Kidepo National Park with its remarkable landscape compliments the country of Uganda with a unique and sought-after destination completing the choices of parks with a difference only Kidepo can provide.

Getting There

Pilot through Soroti- Moroto road, you will be dumbfounded by splendid, matchless topography, especially atop the dizzying Alekilek Volcano halfway Moroto and Soroti. Should you decide on the Lira-Kotida road, anticipate breathtaking views of Labwor Hills and the isolated Alerek Rock.

Wild Life

Perpetual water in desert-like areas makes River Kidepo an oasis hosting over 86 mammal species as well as close to 500 bird species. 

Inclusive of cape buffalo, lion zebra, gazelle, hyena, cheetahs, crocodiles wild dogs traveling in and out of southern Sudan, elephant, jackal, giraffe, hartbeests, and in the company of birds like eagle, vulture, barbets, and more.

A considerable amount of life is found in the Narus valley having water available in the dry season. Predators looking for a meal, hunt the area making this patch a feeding ground for most. 

The Morungole Mountain

Venturesome travelers absorbed in hiking will find Morungole Mountain suitable for a fun climb. Providing scenic landscape you will be accompanied by rangers ready to share informative anecdotes.

The Narus Valley

The only place bearing water including the dry seasons, the Narus valley is not to miss. Here is where you will encounter and follow the best game gathered in one area.

Things To Do

Infrequently called upon, the park surprisingly offers activities to look forward to. Scenic settings, game drives, hot springs, hiking beautiful mountains, bird watching, and a favorite, the interaction with communities, ancient bygone cultures and customs, old ideologies, and local dancing.

Guided Nature walks

Awe-inspiring nature walks. There isn’t a more incredible thrill than touring the African badlands on your tootsies, therefore the Kidepo national park fulfills that very treat like no other park in Uganda. You can venture outside the park for these wildlife nature walks, and also visit Idi Amin’s unfinished dream lodge. Namamukweny Valley is ideal for birding a short nature-hour walk, leading to Lomej Mountains and Narus valley. Here you will meet the 1k people, an ethnic group living in these mountains. 

Game Drives

The many less crowded trail routes to view games are right here at KVNP. The prime area to have a safari drive in the park for worthwhile and unforgettable memories undertaken in Narus Valley. Here you will find species unlike any in Uganda. 

Walking Karamoja

Hiking safari in Karamoja, Uganda is an intoxicating substitute for the countless demanding climbs in East Africa that include numberless amounts of similar appeal. Lenient weather conditions and manageable elevation need none of the special gear or prior experience.


Although Kidepo Valley National Park may rival the rest of Uganda’s parks as far as safari is concerned, bird viewing may very well be its main attraction. Veteran park guides who are proficient and up to date in respect to bird species will accompany you either in the morning or evening. There are prime birding spots beginning at Apoka Rest Camp and the tassels of Namamukwenyi and Narus Valley a soggy place where birds feed. Amongst the lineup of birds, the list is exhausting including birds namely Rose-ringed parakeet, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Apalis, Superb Starling, Black-breasted barbet, Ostrich, Clapperton, Marsh tchagra, Northern carmine bee-eater,  Abyssinian scimitarbill, Red and yellow barbet, Karamoja pygmy falcon, White-bellied go-away bird,  Red-billed oxpecker, Steel-blue whydah, Ethiopian swallow, Egyptian vulture, Verreaux’s eagle, Black coucal, Kori bustard, Little Green bee-eater, Secretary bird, Dark chanting goshawk, Northern carmine bee-eater, Francolin, Purple heron, Purple grenadier, Superb starling, Roufous chatterer, Golden pipit, Chestnut weaver, Fox kestrel and much much more many of which I have never even heard of.

Mount Morungole

Mt Morungole, the distinctive, striking terrain, includes the celebrated Ik community as a cultural highlight. A place of mystery and spiritual importance to the dwellers and restricted to visitors. However other peaks display breathtaking views of the Kidepo Valley National Park and beyond.


Kidpeo Valley Valley National Park offers guests a wide range of exclusive, luxury midrange, and budget accommodations. Conventional methods and matter are applied to the design fusing the wilderness and comfort. Some lodgings embrace breathtaking scenery guaranteeing a perfect relaxing exotic holiday.