One Day in Jinja

What to expect

On this day, Uganda’s culture, greenery, and recreation are what we will look forward to.  Spending time at Ssezibwa Falls, a nature walk in the protected Mabira Forest Reserve, and finally, encountering the source of The Nile. Subject to time, the trip includes rich luxurious Mabira Rainforest, hiking toward Griffin Falls, and experiencing beautiful bird species, and primates. Onto Ssezibwa falls a breathtaking scenic historical wedge. The falls have a local Buganda narrative about the history of the falls that have to be heard when you visit. In Jinja, we have lunch, spend time where the Nile begins, and shop for crafts as we tour the jinja experience. Jinja is an exciting old city full of adventure and full of history, architecture, and the Indian community.

Over view

Should a bungee leap over the Nile River please your yearning for a topmost increase in heart rate, then this is the echo you will want to reverberate and share with friends and family time and again. We will call in on Ssezibwa falls and the River Nile that begins in Jinja, the longest river in the world that travels north and finally empties itself into the Mediterranean Sea more than 4100 miles (6600 kilometers) later. Ssezibwa falls is a dreamy haven that is driven to share an environmental eco-undergoing nature in Uganda, and at the same time, deliver visitors a masterful neighborliness activity. Encompassing beefy foliage, lodgings, various animals, and an array of organic matter.  The Falls is a fascinating superb scene of creation. Amidst the venture, tourists can savor; Tenting, Lodging, Nature-guided walks, Birds, Canoeing, Meeting with the community, Hiking, Primate walks, Mountain biking, and even Rock climbing.