2023 best destinations to visit​


“I might be crazy but I can’t find anything more seductive than these places with their integrity. It is the heart of history that you feel coming out from these landscapes”

@Daniel Kihlgren – Founder Sextantio

A recent article by CNN announced 23 destinations that are best to visit in 2023.
These countries included Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. 

To my surprise and regret, Kenya was not included. However, Kenya most certainly belongs in the top countries to visit in any year now, and upcoming. Kenya offers travelers some of the most luxurious and modest accommodations, excitement, safari, mountains and beaches to name a few and certainly shouldn’t go unnoticed.

With that being said, we will stick with the three that were part of 23 best destinations to visit in 2023. Starting with Rwanda.

It original and initial setup

  • Rwanda ( from Abruzzo to Basilicata to Africa)

Featuring Sextantio Rwanda Camp

The official ceremonial welcome for the opening of Sextantio Rwanda Camp January 2023.

An assemblage of long-established huts on an island, custom built on lake Kivu one of Africa’s largest lakes.

Daniele Kihlgren is the rebellious third child of a wealthy family of cement industry magnates.

He was included in the list of the 25 most influential personalities who have changed the way of traveling by Condé Nast Traveler.

He landed his Rwanda Projetto Capanne (small hut project) that keeps local tradition alive. A nonprofit distributing money directly to the natives boosting the community in the hopes that the locals will not have to beg and offering insurance to the most needy.

When you visit Sextantio you will be able to enjoy fishing on this huge Lake, giving you an opportunity to paddle in a dugout canoe, try the local banana brew and enjoy wildlife.

You will not want to miss Rwanda’s main attraction, the mighty Silverback Gorillas. Abutting Volcanoes National Park, (https://www.barefootadventuresafrica.com/volcanoes-national-park-2) the Dian Fosse Gorilla fund unfolded the Ellen DeGeneres Campus in 2022. In spite of Covid.https://gorillafund.org/ellencampus/. Here you can try and speak like a gorilla. Learn how to “Pig Grunt” which is a mild warning from the last of the few gorillas on earth, learn how gorillas laugh and much more.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla fund started in 1967 with two huts erected in the forest in 1967.


  • Akagera national Park

A two hour drive from Kigali.

Aside from the lions and the big 5, you can participate in many activities including walking with an attendant who trudges on a portion of the 120- km fence perimeter daily ensuring the fence is faultless running along the park’s exterior.

The 7 km walk begins at the park entrance with a guide escorting the guests into the hills. At the climax, and perched on a long narrow hilltop you will be rewarded with breathtaking landscapes from all angles. Guided by independent locals from the community, the walk lasts approximately two hours.

You can also be accompanied by guides for a cultural experience. Favorite to many visitors. participate in the milking of cows and custom beliefs that have lasted for generations. Spend time with makers of banana beer, honey with skilled locals. 

Boat Trips especially if you’re a bird enthusiast, Night Safaris to experience the Nocturnal wildlife, mingle with informed management and staff behind the scenes and learn about conservation developments.

Rwanda a few degrees south of the equator bordering Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a must for travelers beginning or seasoned.